Gold Visa

The Gold Visa Program in Portugal has proven to be the most popular in Europe, attracting many investors due to its flexibility and benefits. Launched in 2012, the Gold Visa Program was internationally promoted by the Portuguese government in a very active way with the foreign investor community. With an investment of €500,000 in real estate, or €350,000 in the reduced version,  an investor and his family can secure residency in Portugal. The Gold Visa can be renewed every 2 years, and your usufruct or stay only for two weeks in the country during that period.
One of the most attractive options is the possibility of applying for permanent resident, after 5 years, and obtaining citizenship, after 6 years, without the obligation to reside in Portugal. In fact, the investor and his family only have to spend two weeks every 2 years in the country in order to renew their Gold Visa. Although it is not necessary to reside in the country, the resident card obtained through the Gold Visa Program allows the owner to travel without restrictions throughout the Schengen area.

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