Nomada Digital Visa

Portugal has become a favorite destination for international customers who love to travel or move to a foreign country. The Golden Visa programme – which offers a path to European citizenship – has grown in popularity in recent years, but has seen several restrictions in the last year.

However, until now, there was no simple way for temporary residents to work remotely in the country. Previously, expatriates needed to apply for a D7 visa, which was aimed primarily at pensioners.

The Government Portuguese announced this new residence permit for workers to stay in the country for up to one year. The program, originally announced in July, will take effect on October 30. Applicants for a digital nomadic visa must provide proof of tax residence, together with their employment contract or, if you are an independent worker, another form of employment contract. The average monthly income of the last three months should be equivalent to at least four times the national minimum wage in Portugal, which is currently €705 per month

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